About ISM


Powerful, Real-World Business IT Solutions

“If only…” How many times have you said that?

Business problems. You’ve consulted with your senior team; you’ve pounded your fist on the table; you’ve lost sleep over it and you’ve got an eye twitch. That’s where ISM Canada can help (well, hopefully before you get the eye twitch). We believe that properly strategized, developed and implemented IT business solutions can solve more problems than you can ever imagine and improve your business and bottom line at the same time. There, we said it.

Plain and simple: We solve business problems with smart IT strategy and solutions. We have access to a host of resources no one else has—Big Data analytics / data mining, social media statistics, ISM Cloud Computing, smart mobile solutions and IT solutions and more. We offer a wealth of expertise and business intelligence to help you refine your competitive edge and move your company to the coveted next level.

A wholly owned subsidiary of IBM Canada, with more than 40 years in the industry, ISM has nearly 1,000 employees located in a number of centres across Western Canada. We offer in-depth IT advice and IT solution knowledge with the ability to leverage IBM’s world-class resources.

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