Application Performance Management

The ISM Application Performance Management (APM) service is designed to intelligently manage all traditional IT, virtualized, cloud and hybrid environments for you. ISM APM integrates five dimensions—Discovery, Diagnostics, Analytics, End-user monitoring and Transaction tracking—into one powerful holistic solution. 

What do I get?

  • End-to-end integration, configuration and management across all major platforms including Microsoft and AIX®/Linux environments
  • Manage a broad array of applications and IT infrastructures including e-commerce and packaged applications, such as SAP, People Soft and custom J2EE applications
  • Advanced, intuitive, user dashboards—mobile accessible with built-in expert guidance
  • Built-in analytics and in-depth business application diagnostics

Why should I care?

  • Superior end-user experience and faster delivery of quality applications
  • Improve application performance while reducing management costs and risk
  • Minimize disruptions and business impacts from performance issues
  • Out-of-the box dashboards or customizable dashboards options available
  • Quickly gain visibility into application components, metrics and speeds up problem resolution
  • Predictive analytics helps reduce outages, improve performance and optimize utilization
  • Leverage built-in ISM expertise to uncover possible root causes and recommend actions
  • Strong collaborative relationship between development and operations team
  • Enhanced IT resource utilization 

Start today.

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