Managed Services

ISM puts four decades of business excellence and innovation to work, and we’re focused on you. Your challenges are our opportunity to put thoughtful solutions in place that help you solve problems, save time and maximize resources.

We focus on business solutions rather than just IT solutions – best practice approaches and thought innovation to help you take your organization further.

For 40+ years, ISM has brought Saskatchewan reliable and secure technology and business services.

ISM Canada provides a broad range of Managed Services, including the following offerings:

Server Management

Keep your IT foundation strong. ISM’s Server Management service provides comprehensive administration support for the base operating system on your business servers, providing you with a secure base to build the IT stack your business requires now or for the future.


Ease data management headaches and host locally. ISM’s Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) provides access to your data without the headache of purchasing and maintaining all the hardware and licenses. Your company’s information is safe, secure, and covered 24/7, letting you focus on what really matters: your business.


Stay up to date and breathe easy with a safe and secure data environment. Platform-as-a-Service provides you with access to a Database and Middleware platform without the worry of purchasing all the associated hardware and software. Your company’s information is safe, secure, and available for your use at all times. All the behind-the-scenes services and regular upgrades will happen automatically so you’re always current.


Don’t manage the technical details on your own. ISM offers an enterprise data storage model that means you can let go of those details while gaining storage provided like a utility, with improved availability, performance, and reporting, as well as speed to value and cost-effectiveness.


Avoid business data loss and meet your data retention requirements. ISM offers an enterprise data backup model that means you’ll achieve risk reduction, speed to value, unlimited backup, and cost-effectiveness, paying only for what you need and use.

Disaster Recovery Services

Keep your mission critical data secure in case of disaster. ISM offers remote site replication to keep your data available to you even in the event of a primary data centre disaster. Sleep easy knowing you can enjoy both risk reduction and cost effectiveness, where you pay only for what you use.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Different devices. Different locations. Same virtual workspace. With ISM Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Service, users can have faster, security-rich access to corporate data and applications from nearly any device. Our private cloud solution includes “bring-your-own-device” (BYOD) support to transform traditional desktop infrastructure into a virtualized environment.

Application Server Managed Services

We manage your application servers. You focus on your business. Can your web portal stand up to peaks? Are your certificates expiring? Are your web services vulnerable? ISM’s fully managed application server services can put your mind at ease, with flexible, financially smart solutions just right for your business.

Database Managed Services

Secure. Maintained. Monitored. Backed Up. Upgrade your database management solution with ISM. If you’re struggling with database monitoring and maintenance, it’s time for a new solution. With highly qualified database professionals ready to keep your database running like a well-oiled machine and secured for wherever the future of your business takes you, why wait?

ISM Office Productivity Suite

Increase productivity; put your office software suite in the ISM Cloud. Imagine your office software suite always being up to date…and your data being stored safe and secure in the Cloud right here in Canada. With ISM Office Productivity Suite your organization can benefit from your Microsoft Office software available anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Application Performance Management

360° management of application performance across all platforms and infrastructure. ISM Application Performance Management (APM) service is designed to intelligently manage all traditional IT, virtualized, cloud and hybrid environments for you. ISM APM integrates five dimensions—Discovery, Diagnostics, Analytics, End-user monitoring and Transaction tracking—into one powerful holistic solution.

Managed Network Services

Grow performance with increased visibility into your network. ISM’s network management delivery model leverages technology, processes and skills to provide your business with performance, reliability and economic value.