Mobile Solutions

Mobile technology is fundamentally changing the face of business. We believe technology’s job is to improve your business and bottom-line not be one more thing to manage. (We’re glad you agree.) ISM Canada provides smart mobile solutions from start to finish, including the hardware you require the mobile app or software to run on. If your company or organization has a fleet, field technicians or service representatives helping customers, smart mobile solutions can help increase productivity, improve customer engagement and help you derive revenue on sales in the field that have been left on the table (until now).

ISM Canada provides solutions from mobile strategy and customer-specific mobile application development and management, through to virtual desktops and on-site customer kiosks, including the following offerings:

Enterprise Mobility Management

The world is going mobile and so is business. ISM can help you keep up. Mobile technology is fundamentally changing the face of business, and ISM Canada is well positioned to support your organization toward becoming truly mobile and citizen-centric. Our scalable solution provides the talents and tools to effectively manage and secure devices, environment and data while leveraging cloud technologies.

Support on Site (SOS) Kiosk

Faster problem resolution with a novel deskside service. You’ve adopted new, exciting mobile solutions. But your staff could use a bit of one-on-one assistance. ISM Canada is ready to help through a Support-on-Site (SOS) Kiosk. An enhancement to traditional deskside service, the SOS Kiosk supports end-users within your locations that have questions about hardware/software or have encountered a technical problem with their laptop, tablet or smartphone that requires in-person assistance to solution.

Mobile Strategy & Design

Are you an “upwardly mobile” organization? Your customers, partners, and employees are increasingly using mobile as their primary computing platform. Take advantage of new mobile opportunities to reinvent business and operating models and deliver better IT processes. ISM’s Mobile Strategy & Design service helps you effectively integrate the capabilities offered by mobile devices into your business through a comprehensive mobile strategy.

Mobile Apps

Watch this space – more info coming soon!

For more information on ISM’s Mobile Solutions and how they can support your organization toward becoming truly mobile and citizen-centric, download these quick-read PDFs or contact us.