Server Management

ISM’s Server Management service provides comprehensive administration support for the base operating system on your business servers, providing you with a secure base to build the IT stack your business requires now or for the future. 

What do I get?

  • Installation, management, and support of the in-scope server operating system (configuration, file systems, and processes), system management software and operating system utilities
  • Maintenance of standard and critical tools
  • Implementation of corrective actions approved through your Change Management Process
  • Enabling passwords for servers and manage System IDs
  • Performance and capacity reporting
  • Security policy, health checks, and controls support and synchronization
  • Installation, initial configuration, and operating-system level support of antivirus client software

Why should I care?

  • Rely on support either locally or from a remote location — administrative tools are installed to allow you this flexibility
  • Access optional additional features, including: operating system upgrade management, hardware and software coordination and configuration, change management, installation, configuration, and OS level support of middleware, email and collaboration, and database software

Start today.

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