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to all that have been part of our journey

We're celebrating 50 years of service to hundreds of government & enterprise clients, remembering the thousands of talented individuals whom have made us what we are, as well looking back on the mark we have left on our nation's tech history & landscape.

From computers run by punch-cards, to the era of cloud, we have had the honour to pioneer countless technologies in Canada.

forever Canadian

born in Saskatchewan, 1973

For 50 years we have taken solutions from the prairies to the coasts, all the coasts.

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wholly Canadian staffing & leadership

When you work with us, you work with your own neighbours, community leaders, & the industry greats of tomorrow. We maintain autonomy & accountability, always nearby.

serving hundreds of government & enterprise clients nationally

We are proud to have grown with leading national brands, & supported federal, provincial, & municipal governments throughout decades of challenges & prosperity.

Microsoft's Canadian tier 1 partner

With hundreds of certifications held by our own people, as well as access to thousands more through Kyndryl, we're the upper echelon of Microsoft providers in Canada.

employing staff from east to west

While our roots have always been in Saskatchewan, we employ great minds across our national landscape, from remote techs in the Maritimes, to established teams in Victoria, BC.


a part of our nation's tech history

We have helped usher in many technologies that brought the digital age to Canada, from the days of punch-card driven computers, to keeping our heads in the cloud.

featured solutions

talent infusion

AKA professional services, is the skills you need, on demand. We have access to people from the ranks of leading tech corporations to help you achieve your goals through advanced skills or wisdom laden consulting, on time & only when you need them.


rare talents

Find difficult to hire coders, veteran project managers, business analysts & financial wizards.

tight timelines

Available for short, flexible, or longer term commitments, to suit your projects.

quality assured

Our people are vetted like a prize pup, with screening and skills verification far beyond a typical agency.

wide selection

Tap into our own teams, or those of our partners, encompassing some of the leading enterprise players in the world today.

SD network

Go beyond the hardware, enabling elastic & dynamic connections across your IT stack & users, constantly changing & adapting to traffic & priorities.


Bypass the data centre, allowing data to move through the least crowded channels

Spend less, optimize the hardware you have

Quick integration, with native connectors for Azure, AWS, & Google Cloud


Accelerate your people with a unified toolkit from Microsoft, enabling collaboration & time saving optimization, bringing the day-to-day into the modern age.


Enhance projects & collaboration with SharePoint

Chat, call, & get on video with Teams

Protect, store, & distrubute files intelligently, with OneDrive

sentry, for cloud

In a world of frequently discovered vulnerabilities & rising costs for in-house defence, we've packaged the most dominant industry tools into an army-for-hire.


access an army

Access a suite of tools & 2500+ security professionals without the hiring spree

be prepared

Defy threats from patch vulnerabilities to ransomware attempts

take control

Manage data access in your organization, with intelligent warnings of potential misuse or leaks

sentry for cloud sentry for cloud sentry for cloud sentry for cloudsentry for cloud

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