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Powering previously unseen depth to the metrics that steer your business, bringing together data in new intelligent ways and clearing the clutter.


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In a world of endless data generation, getting what you need, harmoniously from countless sources, gets more complex every day. With input from numerous pieces of software, users, historical data in many formats, even data from outside sources, trying to make something useful of it all requires excelling beyond Excel.

That's where data specialists, advanced automation, leading tools, and a sprinkle of supercomputer processing can come to the rescue.

let's begin

sound familiar?

dozens of software native outputs

deptartments creating just what they need

a constant stream of staff reports

archives & historical data gathering dust

external data you can't integrate

more information than you can handle

enough tables to open a restaurant

yet, nothing fits together...

roll theme music*

taking it step by step


gather a range of disconnected data

Your data comes from many sources, such as accounting systems, HR, AP/AR, operational tools, ERP, CRM, & dozens of other acronyms. While most tools of today have their own reporting capabilities, they simply don't work together, creating isolated silos.

Step one, is collect.
Reach out to all the tools that power your business & create a path to automatically extract data, regardless of origin or format.

Bring in the archives. Need to add data from old tools? We can do that. From past mergers & changing software you likely have data that can help, but sits dormant, unable to be integrated... until now.

consult the oracles

That's how you may come to think of our analytics experts. We listen to key stakeholders in your organization to discover the insights you need most, from improving what you can already see to unlocking deep connections between operations, finance, HR, & historical data.

Step two, quality connections.
Cause & effect. Action & subtle reaction. Mac & cheese. Modern organizations generate untold volumes of data, yet meaningful links are rarely made. This could be due to overwhelming volumes or simply from incompatible tools. Manually building data from Excel tables is exhausting, leaving you with tunnel vision rather than a bird's eye view.

Creating complex paths to match disparate data sets reliably, we break down the barriers with advanced modelling & architecture.

External sources? Check. We can utilize public & private data from our partners, or source new data, for specialized reporting such as integrating land data, weather, & more.

it's a warehouse

Not all of your data is meant for everyone. Our governance policies lay the foundations of access control, which can be set via role, rank, department, or narrowed & expanded as needed to meet the security and business needs of your organization.


filter the noise

A tidal wave of data distilled to a ripple. Not everything is helpful; we recognize this. Combining multiple systems can mean hundreds of sources for data surging forward, most of it disorganized, irrelevant to your day-to-day.

Step three, align & target.
It's your business, your management, your needs. We work with you to get reports & dashboards that solve cross-system visibility issues, bring together lines of business, & consolidate your outlook. Information can be filtered into alerts or early warnings when potential problems are rising or delivered differently to each dept. Machine learning can automate connections that would otherwise be time-consuming & costly. The result is a highly tailored product that can keep critical content at hand while leaving the rest available on request.

As your business changes, we can too. We don't create a one-and-done product, we can adapt & improve reports based on your projects & needs as you grow.

it's a pipeline

Automated & always flowing, data is brought together consistently, conveniently, & to the eyes of those who need it. No longer rely on Excel tables or the limited group of people attempting to merge information.

a dashboard that tells the whole story

Accessible, updated, always on, no check engine light. Your final dashboard will be built with an eye for strategic outcomes & long-term perspectives, to focus on tactical activities. Richly visualized to tell your story with meaningful metrics, we eliminate the 'people gap' of specialists to blend data, adding maturity to reports, and the insight of seasoned experts utilizing sustainable data modelling such as KIMBALL, allowing you to showcase history & trends.

Step four, get on with your business.


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