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Security & defence

Modern security is a practice, forever changing, growing, adapting to a landscape that looks very different every season. Our teams take things from the beginning, to endless end, meeting stringent regulations & governing compliance standards bringing resiliency to you.

your fortress

you can be untouchable

With the recent increase in hybrid work, malicious attacks & ransoms, as well many notable industry failures due to natural disasters, the need for a well crafted defence in this connected world is greater than ever.

We employ meticulous minds held to strict policies that elevate your entire stack & operational strategy, keeping your, and your customers, trust intact.


security assurance

anticipate risks & maintain compliance

Assess & scale, enabling rapid development of defences to vulnerabilities facing your organization. Utilize threat intelligence to mitigate risks faster, & gain visibility into potential trouble brewing.


security operations & response

disarm incoming threats

Streamline your technology configurations to match your operational needs, allowing you to detect & disarm threats before they go from pest to peril. Enable your people with AI driven security scans, checking not only incoming data, but the very actions & oversights of your own people.

Not everyone is a security expert, & that's ok.


incident recovery

set limits, & get back up swinging

Whatever happens, protect organization critical data & applications, with a zero-trust framework. What does that mean? By utilizing strict use authentication atop a well formed gatekeeping policy, we keep risks from malicious outsiders, and hapless insiders, limited to the very essential levels of access.

If anything does happen, bounce back in minutes. Integrated to on-site & cloud platforms, we can keep backups for critical data down to the moment, not day. At your order, we can spin up entire organizational backups, replicating even network hardware functions through the power of the cloud. Business as usual, keep calm & carry on.


unified reporting

bring all your applications & platforms into a single point of insight

In a world of endless data generation, getting what you need, harmoniously from countless sources, gets more complex every day. With input from numerous pieces of software, users, historical data in many formats, even data from outside sources, trying to make something useful of it all requires excelling beyond Excel.

That's where data specialists, advanced automation, leading tools, and a sprinkle of supercomputer processing can come to the rescue.

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