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Supporting those who supply the running world, we have a long history of keeping goliath projects stable.

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Our clients have included some of the largest electrical providers & mining corps in the country, supporting epic projects for the long term, keeping large user bases to remote digging outposts online. This industry thrives on rocksteady IT service that just works, & we strive to be the safe choice.

this is how we do it

Being behind the scenes means being unseen, so we often can't disclose the exact work we do or name-drop all of our clients. However, we can tell you ways we've discovered to help clients in your industry, with the solutions that drive efficiency & progress in a rapidly changing world.

the right people & processes for your big move

When not only moving to the cloud, but new customer-facing web features need be implemented at a utility provider with millions of customers, quality expectations are high. Aging infrastructure supporting payments, customer service, & the core electrical service records of an entire province running off physical server racks just can't handle the loads of today. Once cutting edge management software now lags behind & leaves customers frustrated. It's time for cloud, & it's time to work on your own tools internally.

The racks can be sacked, & that doesn't mean you need to drop the tools you've spent years developing. Cloud modernization means applications from the days of AOL can not only live on, but thrive in a new environment, where thousands of extra virtual machines can flutter in & out of existence as load demands, without the cost.

Our teams can take legacy, highly custom tools, pick apart which elements to upgrade for better performance, & then host your entire local operation in the cloud without skipping a beat. Careful processes assure a phased approach to replacement, so your customers never know the difference, they just feel it.


Sometimes it's a big job for a short time, sometimes the people you need are in high demand, & hiring expensive people long term just doesn't make sense to your bottom line.

While there are staffing companies, finding deeply skilled industry experts for on-demand projects is often beyond their ability. We however, pull from our own ranks. We utilize our own pool of staff actively working on nationwide activities, & accessing the global might of Kyndryl, as well as our own partners. Combined we have been able to send in hard-to-find coders, field leading project managers, & financial wizards directly into time sensitive client tasks without long-term commitments, allowing instant boosts to a collection of projects that otherwise would have dragged beyond timeline or budget.

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