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Azure virtual desktop

We design & deliver innovative solutions to manage your virtualized workloads for server & desktops. Providing secure scalable platforms that are continuously up & running quickly, to keep your teams productive & IT budgets under control among constantly evolving business needs.

any device

a cloud just got personal

Sit back & relax, while we manage software, updates, installs, & backups without fuss, essentially removing user error from the equation.

Every workstation becomes exclusive, in moments loading a users entire environment via the global power of Azure, while a central command panel handles patches & licenses, simplifying administration, & user experience.

elastic scale

elastic scale


only pay for the power you need,
scale on demand

flex between supercomputer & sleepycomputer

Harness some of the most advanced datacentres on the planet, when you undertake heavy loads such as rendering & analytical computing with the unrivalled power of Azure.

Then spin up or down with live usage, employee schedules, capacity fluctuations or any other way your business requires. Run a personalized solution & adapt it as your business evolves, so your bill reflects workload, user count, & scaling minute by minute, for as little as a couple of dollars a month.

Running light? So will your bill.

streamlined environments

Our team optimizes your workspaces to get maximum value, with minimal processing needs, mass managed profiles cut power-eating irrelevant threads & let your users get on with pressing tasks at hand, balancing consumption costs with peak performance.

Trim the fat, get the most out of your tools.

maximize your existing investments

Did you know exisitng M365 licenses may already provide you with access to Azure Virtual Desktop? If you're already paying, why not leverage all the top tools at your disposal?

A small change to your subscriptions can get you access to the features you need. Our team will guide you through all the licensing options to help you drive the most from your Microsoft assets.

Get the most from your tools.


the best of cloud

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hardware learns to share
every station is your station

Supercharged with universal software, security, & license management from a single point

log in, move on

Securely launch every machine with a users own profile, allowing shared workstations, unlimited remote stations, & offloading the risk of setbacks due to lost, faulty, or damaged hardware.

3... 2... oh it's ready

Driven by dedicated data centres, & optimized for your tools & environment, from authentication to mission ready in only moments, taking you from blank slate to bursting toolbox before you can even sip that morning coffee.

your existing systems

We love integration & automation, working with you to automate workflows & blend virtualized environments with your current IT systems. Our team customizes processes to your needs, leveraging expertise in platforms such as ServiceNow.

savings through license control

Companies lose hundreds of millions of dollars annually on unused software. Azure Portal overviews allow a command bridge approach to surveying your licensable assets, giving control to removing dormant software from users who don't access it, saving you instantly.

installs with a click

Not everyone is comfortable installing software, & not everyone will understand the best settings & preferences for their organizational workflows.

We handle that. You choose what's available, & through a software "store", tailored to your licenses, users can simply select what they need. Installation is simple completed in the background, & your tools can be ready to use in seconds.

did Janet run that update?

Busy users don't have time for IT, that "critical update" notification keeps pinging but they're sure it's fine to do later. Don't worry, we've got this.

Global management of patches, updates, security policies, & auto-removal of that annoying colourful game that's actually a backdoor to malicious code. Worry less about how tech savvy your users are, by using profile management to push the essentials to every user when you need.


cost speaks volumes

extend hardware upgrade cycles

When the power is in the cloud, the demands on your hardware drop, allowing the hardware of today to last longer into the applications & needs of the future.

on-site support, or lack of

Little to no need for the physical presence of human support. With the bulk of common issues managed in the cloud, a small team can manage devices & software for group sizes previously unheard of.

hardware sharing saves

A machine is a machine. Not linked to any user, even the most inspiring cat meme desktop background goes with its owner as they log in on any device, anywhere.

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