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cloud operations

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the long run

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This is the laundry list of things we do in the cloud, because we simply do too much to make a page for everything. We care about your attention span.

Cloud has the capacity to be a seamless, fluid, simple experience, driving down costs & increasing your organizations capability on multiple vectors. Exactly how, is a more nuanced question, best left to our leading experts who can do a deep dive into your needs & goals. Nothing is one-size-fits-all, so let us help you find that perfect scope.

cloud brokerage

We use deep industry connections to get you into the cloud environment that works best for you, not us. That may mean multi-cloud, hybrid, or something more complicated, we can do that.

We are one of the most qualified Azure providers in the country

We typically stand by Microsoft's Azure cloud as the leading option in the market today. Going far beyond storage and basic hosting, Azure is the trusted platform of choice for most critical healthcare, military, and major clients in North America, as well encapsulating 95% of Fortune 500 companies cloud infrasturcture

AWS, Google Cloud, & beyond

We don't stop there, recognizing that your existing environment, partnerships, & even ongoing contracts may require utilizing another cloud provider. We continue to vigorously support our practices for AWS, Google Cloud, & other leading cloud app & storage hosts.

utilize your existing licenses to save

Moving to the cloud has unexpected perks, did you know enterprise licenses for Microsoft desktop office apps can contribute toward your cloud migration? After years of building your stack, even on-premises, you likely have applications & tools that will save you more in the move to cloud, while performing better for your people & clients.

optimizing your environment

Organizations usually have technology stacks that have grown with them throughout the years, in scale & complexity. What remains, is often sprawling & disjointed resources, as you source your various cloud providers & applications through numerous sources, each with their own costing, renewals, & billables.

We are the nexus of partners, representing most top industry cloud and application platforms today, able to combine not only your billing (to your benefit), but also your integrations, as a single team weaves your services together into a unified, optimally configured & productive unit.

brokerage simplified

It's not just about finding that perfect platform to call home, it's about making it your own, that's the easy part. What about your teams, your locations, or your core applications? Who takes cloud from "it works." to "it works!", ahem, hello there.

Intelligent configurations, partner & application add-ons, future-proof decisions, these are where we shine, employing seasoned cloud project consultants to trim the cloud to your best fit.

ongoing management

put your investment in good hands

in it for the long haul

We keep your organization's assets in top form, with experts managing changing situations & needs, monitoring changes to usage expenses, & watching for configuration changes that benefit your operations as they evolve.

The cloud reduces on-premises reliance, allowing changes of capacity in a blink, & refactoring means hard-to-find aging code skills can be replaced with common industry standards.

performance vs cost optimization

With deep dives into reporting, & a wealth of platform knowledge, we pick apart your bills & usage to see where savings can be maximized. Application oversight allows us to see where the bottlenecks are, where the expenses are bulging, & then coordinate changes to your environment.

The cloud should be lean, powerful, & above all as beneficial as possible to your users & bottom line.

surprisingly green

Carpooling for hardware, utilizing mass shared cloud data centres actually uses less energy & hardware than traditional on-site equivalents, as optimized cloud environments mean significantly less equipment & electricity usage.

you are always in control

We bring the experts, but you always make the final decisions, this is your environment, nobody can take that away from you. Cost optimization, app prioritization, & what toppings for the pizza order, we keep you well informed, but always making the big calls.

Powering your organization at home, or abroad

Azure is everywhere

lower latency, more locations, higher redundancy

IaaS & PaaS

Skip the prep work, & the ongoing expense, let us create an environment your tools just work within.

IaaS, what is it?

Infrastructure as a Service, is a situation in which we take established cloud providers such as Azure, then layer in the storage, networking, virtualization, & basically bridge the gap between seeing the cloud, & living in it. You handle the applications core to your organization, the data management, middleware, & operating system level functions, we do the rest.

PaaS, a step up in ease

Platform as a Service, is where you just need to focus on your core apps, it's a full service environment where concepts like uptime & network utilization are just... somebody else's problem (ours).

take in the savings

Drop the capitol expenditure, stop buying hardware, & drastically reduce staff hours dedicated to keeping those power hungry machines running.

Instead, pay-as-you-go, reducing expense in slow hours, while being able to handle that boxing day rush without the peak hour investment.

big, small, whatever you need in the moment

The environment your tools live can be freed from the constraints of preset hardware counts. When you grow, open a new location, or embrace new technology, our back end platforms grow with you instantly. No more investing in your next big thing, we just... stretch.

open your access

Avoid skill duplication by managing all sites as one, remotely directing resources for network & infrastructure, enabling a streamlined IT team, & supporting these work-from-home & hybrid times. Through the power of cloud managed components, orchestrating vast organizational assets is as easy as logging in.

accelerate your processes

Managing your infrastructure in the cloud opens the door for speed & processing power potential that simply can't be realized in on-premises data centres.

When your legacy services are repositioned in the cloud you're tapping the potential of millions of machines, supported by the best funded & developed network & hardware capabilities on the planet. This means operations that would slow traditional data centres to a crawl are a breeze, yet you only pay for the moments your activate that power.


running the core applications that keep you going

not the same as DevOps

Think of it as a methodical focus on improving the tools & connections you have in place, as you live our your operation routines, ensuring ongoing stability & a state of always being optimized as your organization changes & grows.

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