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migration to the cloud

Getting to the cloud is a perilous take-off, fraught with countless decisions that can be costly if incorrect for your specific business needs. We take the helm, utilizing hundreds of seasoned cloud architects to get you where you want to be.

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As one of the most qualified Microsoft Azure partners in Canada, with deep connections to platforms such as AWS, & Google Cloud, we don't just talk the talk, we code the code.

Benefit from access to the 90,000 strong Kyndryl global workforce, directed by our own local experts & project managers, to tap into a range of technologies that few others can claim. We have launched dozens of enterprise & government clients into stable, highly business beneficial cloud platforms, on time & on budget.

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The best platform, & how to get there, is a deceptively simple question. While we firmly believe Microsoft's Azure is by far the industry leader in online productivity, enterprise application management, & integration, we keep our options open, because there is no one-size-fits-all.

Existing integrations, your partnerships or core tools may be already hosted through AWS, Google Cloud, or any of the myriad of data hosting vendors. What's best for you is what drives your environment better & what saves you money. To that end, we work carefully with you, to assess each component of your current, versus ideal stack, to find the best way forward.
No brand loyalty, except yours.

public, private, multi-cloud
or something in between

Sometimes moving completely to the cloud is not the best way to achieve your organizational goals, maybe one cloud model isn't the best way to manage all your complex needs, maybe this is starting to get hard. This is our forté.

We support intricate builds including semi on-site deployments (hybrid), the use of multiple cloud providers between varying tools & storage, & all the varying instances of PaaS, SaaS, & IaaS utilized along the way. Decades of industry experience for highly demanding clients has put us at the forefront of "what-do-we-do" expertise.

prioritize your applications

Identification of which tools & applications can be directly shifted to cloud, would benefit from refactoring or rearchitecting, or can easily be substituted is a big job. Over the years your organization has likely picked up a variety of software & hardware, each being installed separately, hanging by thousands of connections & configurations that affect any attempt to move.

We're good little scouts, we're always prepared. Assurance of smooth transitions & countless checks, tests, & live validations are part of our dauntingly cautious process, because we are most accountable to you, & your clients. If you didn't know, we're kinda one of the leading network providers in Canada, so we take care of the whole process, from virtual connection management, to getting you circuits access you've never imagined possible.


lock it down

What good is fancy new tools if the threats of the connected world are still hanging over your head like a cloud... but a bad cloud. All dark & rainy.

Security would be our middle name if the S in ISM meant anything. Instead we just built an entire team of slightly paranoid data protection professionals, & gave them unfettered access to the 2500+ strong workforce of Microsoft's defence operations team. That's a thing we offer by the way.


Your environment will exceed industry standards for data compliance, protection, access controls, & local/national regulations. We keep you in the loop of everything being done to secure your organization with detailed reports along the way, taking advantage of security capabilities only possible through the power of the cloud.

enhance efficiency, drive down costs

No paying for physical data centres or the litany of associated costs, frequently lowered hardware expenses, intelligent collimation of your software & licenses into money saving bundles, & increased service availability to your staff & clients. Shifting to the cloud is worth the effort, let us help you choose the right path.

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modern workplace

One of those times the title tells you everything. Modern workplace is deeply interwoven apps & capabilities, delivered via the cloud, to help you optimize your daily grind, while saving on the cost. You likely already use many legacy versions of these solutions, but are you getting the most from your investment?


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We ensure your cloud operations are efficient, flexible, scalable & most importantly secure.

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