tripling buzzwords

adding bling

calling for backup

adding minimalism

ignoring the wow factor

local to federal, & everything along the way

public sector

From provincial databases to ultra-critical federal data lines, from the technology behind city tax management to tools enabling law enforcement collaboration in times of need, we've done it.

Our most closely guarded & private clients, we have long operated for government agencies across the nation, with a fully Canadian staff from CEO to Leo (he's in HR). We keep out of the limelight, because duty comes first.

to code & serve

the union of value & powerful tech
oh, we're unionized too

We began as a crown corporation, serving the people of Saskatchewan & later moving outward, delivering a neighbourly touch to some of the pioneering steps in Canadian technology history, right back to the early 70s. With pocket-protectors & bell-bottom pants, playing this new thing, Pong.

The need for accountability, reliability, & extraordinarily perfect operations is ingrained in our corporate soul. We've been where you are, our people rely on your services, & we are trusted by dozens of governments & agencies across the nation every day.

this is how we do it

Being behind the scenes means being unseen, so we often can't disclose the exact work we do or name-drop all of our clients. However, we can tell you ways we've discovered to help clients in your industry, with the solutions that drive efficiency & progress in a rapidly changing world.

partnering with cities on development journeys

connecting city services workers

critical infrastructure defence

city service development amplified

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