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Lift & shift, taking your classic applications to new heights, injecting the power of modern coding & cloud into the tools your people know and love.


your tools, elevated to the cloud

Protect your investments by keeping the applications you've built your business on, while gaining the speed, flexibility, & cost savings of moving to the cloud.

Modernization is the practice of updating an organizations tools, systems, & processes to current versions or a new era of best practices, usually by converting to a cloud-first approach.

The world of technology is always changing, & what made sense yesterday, may not fit the demands of additional tools that drive your operations today. Applications that once were ground-breaking, may quake under the weight of increased staff, more clients, or simply the expanded complexity of your entire IT stack as it has grown with you. Perhaps your applications lack the ability to integrate with new tools or are struggling with data access speed across many on-prem setups. Such cases don't necessarily mean you have to start over, because modernization can make them well... modern, again.

revenue increase potential through modernization efforts
executives say their organizations need to rapidly transform to keep up with competition
of companies surveyed say scalability & reliability are the main drivers for app modernization

there are 3 primary types of modernization

let's begin


lift & shift

What is old can be new again. We take applications hosted classically & give them wings in the cloud. Underlying code & structure remains intact, while you benefit from enhanced power, reach, & the ability to readily integrate improving network & storage approaches.

Elastic scale included. Why run an app off one physical machine, when you can scale up to thousands of virtual machines across the country as usage demands. When things get quiet, the cloud automatically scales down to just the minimum required.


The middle ground. Without major changes to code or architecture, this is more a collection of small upgrades to adapt legacy applications to a cloud environment for optimal results.



This is the heavy lifting, rewriting code from miniscule bytes to overarching segments as we elevate aging software to perform at a new peak of efficiency & function. Recent years have brought an enormous range of coding capability to the masses & many legacy programs can get huge boosts in ability, stability, & cloud cohesion from programming level upgrades.

Often your older programs could use a boost at the code level, benefiting from modern programming languages, integrations, & cutting-edge segments such as updated databases or edge computing. We work with you from defining your business needs to determining the elements of an application to target for renovation, matching them to their new destination environment, be it Azure, AWS, or a mix.

Better integrate with all cloud has to offer. Refactoring can bring you closer to cloud, not just as a place for hosting, but the spectrum of networking, storage, & security benefits that come with it.

it's all about the benefits

reduce costs

Aging programs have continuously rising maintenance costs, as finding or keeping particular skillsets ready to work becomes more difficult over time & attempting to expand capacity can be an error ridden experience.

The cloud reduces on-premises reliance, allowing changes of capacity in a blink, & refactoring means hard-to-find aging code skills can be replaced with common industry standards.

add features, get to market

With updated tools comes the potential to easily add new features, services, & functions into your existing applications. Organizations can work on new functions to applications they have existing talent in, instead of sticking in-house IT with new platforms to relearn. This means your own developers can work faster, & launch confidently.

Cloud based services can help speed this process along & allow you to bolt-on new abilities quickly. No longer be stuck with the limitations of older software, open a wide doorway & usher in the capabilities you wish you'd had sooner.

increase productivity

With compatibility comes streamlining, as your applications can mesh with modern systems & hardware, removing productivity issues such as interoperability & overall system speed, or lack of.

Cloud hosting allows automated bug checking, wide views of system performance, & a more reliable, consistent experience.

harden security

The cloud is your fortress in the sky, backed by the biggest tech giants on earth, who spare no expense keeping it defended beyond repute & certified by the most data sensitive clients on the planet.

Backed by the power of cloud, infused with modern security practices & automated vulnerability assessments, we also check your code to ensure ongoing upgrades & bug fixes to bring legacy products to meet threats of the modern era.

modernization takes you from throwback, to revolutionary

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