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your army for hire

If you follow news in tech, it feels like a weekly occurrence when another hospital has their systems held hostage by faceless organizations wanting a ransom. Across Canada dozens of high profile enterprise clients have had intrusions, data thefts, & even faced lawsuits for failure to defend themselves, exposing their customers.

Fujifilm made headlines when hijackers took down their entire platform, from customer data storage, internal & external networks, even payroll & email went down. However, the dastardly evil doers were simply ignored, because Fujifilm was at least partially prepared.

Fujifilm had fortified backups & a disaster recovery plan in place. They also separated critical private data from operations, meaning hijackers had nothing to actually steal, they could only harm operations. It took a few days, but Fujifilm patched the vulnerability, utilized backups able to replicate even the conditions of their datacentres at the moment before attack, & went back to business as usual.

While they lacked the ability to defend from those particular attacks from the start, & their backups took days (vs what we can do in minutes), they left many organizations asking "what would have happened if that was us?"

it starts with proactive defence from afar

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very afar

Rapidly adopt security solutions for cloud with a singular platform that really does do it all. Enable potent cloud based workloads without the risk, as we take you from fragile to formidable, with a flexible approach & industry leading tools rolled into one. We call it sentry, because your defence shouldn't draw attention, it just needs to work.

you don't have to open a new dept

we have nearly 4000 people on it, borrow ours

preparing for a new era

Microsoft saw it coming, a couple in house experts can't keep up with the pummelling waves of new threats and vulnerabilities across your hundreds of hardware and software needs. New cracks in the armour are exposed daily, often though niche channels, just keeping up is a full time job for multiple staff.

So how about you just tap into thousands of pros? Microsoft built a world class centre of over 3500 full time security experts, running the gamut of world-class skills, then told them to get ready for a fight. The result, organizations can come into the fold, be protected from the newest exploits, & have their systems constantly surveyed for vulnerabilities. This is the first step of our Cloud Sentry, allowing any organization in Canada to access the strength of this globally leading platform.

Defender, in detail

They're called Microsoft Defender (for enterprise), & Sentinel, the two core platforms that keep you safe.

Defender is the active side, comprising of modules for identity, endpoints, 365, IOT, servers, & SQL. Sentinel is the management side, made up of command centres for threat management, & configuration control being fed constantly logs & telemetry from Defender. Together, with live security operation teams standing by, you can be covered by layers of defence, giving you a capability unheard of in-house.

a Metallic element

Complimenting Microsoft's fearsome proactive barriers, is Metallic, handling the reactive side. In the event something does happen, from a rogue employee, a local flood, or an update gone bad, Metallic has your organization backed up to the most granular level. Your most frequently utilized content, such current sales orders, can be kept backed up to the second, while lesser used items could be scaled back to replication something long like... minutes.

Metallic, by CommVault, has been blazing a path the last few years, racking up the client numbers & proving themselves on the global stage, establishing major partnerships with Oracle & Microsoft.

speed of recovery

Many organizations facing disaster are down for days, maybe weeks, trying to patch the leaks, & worry about the extent of data lost between real-time and whatever backups they have. Typical backups are increments of anywhere from hours apart to daily. How many things happened that day across your entire organization? How many transactions or client data changes can you afford to put staff on trying to catch up?

Then comes the question of what exactly your backups cover? What about your network configurations? What about all that custom integrated code linking your various platforms?

With Microsoft & Metallic, we can keep backups to the second, not just of databases, but of the endless finite details that exist across your stack. Together with the power of cloud, when you give the order, we can restore major enterprises in minutes, not days.

Just think about that for a moment... if something does happen, from fire to fraudster, we make it a momentary hiccup, rather than a major event with repercussions lasting months. In the time you need to make a coffee, we can restore thousands of machines to their perfect working state.

run remotely

even the hard stuff

If physical disaster befalls your on-site systems, we have a trick up our sleeve. What if your networking gear can be synthesized in the cloud, doing the work off-site while you get back on your feet? The beauty of cloud is it's often whatever you need it to be. We can instantly shift your local data centre, and everything attached, to run in the cloud.

manage access, prevent breaches

Many common threats aren't intentional, they're internal. Managing who can access what isn't quite as simple as it should be, that's where we come in, utilizing our own local pros to manage access levels, exceptions, alerts to let you know when questionable activity occurs, & staying on top of your organizational changes to assure a constant fit of solution, to need.

make it fit

Every organization is a patchwork of technologies from various eras and vendors, there is no easy "one size fits all" tool to slap on everything. It's a process, thoughtful & tedious, to bring all of your needs into the fold, from connecting the dots to establishing best practices, for a truly unified approach to total security.

load in the buzzwords

From DDoS protection, to just-in-time access, IaaS & PaaS security, threat modelling, & defence from the Borg, it's hard to stress how complete we've been without getting really, really boring. Questions? Sure, the best way to assess our fit is simply to talk to us, because the web developer trying to make sense of hundreds of pages of qualifications & capabilities is likely to have missed something here. As with many of our solutions, this is just the beginning, so reach out, learn what's possible.

3500 full time security pros
at Microsoft. Metallic & ourselves add in a few hundred more

6.4 trillion signals daily
trillion, yes you read that right

$1 billion annual security investment
again, no typos, $1,000,000,000

Rapidly adopt security solutions for cloud with a singular platform that really does do it all. Enable potent cloud based workloads without the risk, as we take you from fragile to formidable, with a flexible approach & industry leading tools rolled into one. We call it sentry, because your defence shouldn't draw attention, it just needs to work.

up to 80% savings

on infrastructure, licensing, & labour

lower your footprint

Upgrade your defences while saving cost, shift the on-site people & hardware to the cloud, letting our combined solution replace countless licenses, tools, & hard to hire skillsets.

never pay the ransom

With Metallic, ransomware attacks where the goal is to encrypt your down data until you pay, are a thing of the past. Turn back the clock, while removing any pesky trojans hiding among your data. Ransom threats are usually in the millions, so you have a few million reasons to fight back.

cloud just costs less

Moving your compute & storage to the cloud costs significantly less in OpEx & CapEx in the short & long term. Explore our other cloud options to see what we can do for your organization.

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