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Fusing an array of traditional tools & paperwork into streamlined, unified, single-source platforms to manage the greatest challenges of business. Flip complex to outright convenient, as you automate & simplify your operations.

customer relationship management

for every step of your customer's journey

Establish the pathway to success as you curate every stage of interaction with end users, to better engage, entice, & retain clients.

the full cycle of customer experience can be so much more

critical data on hand, improved organization

Achieve a personal touch in every interaction. When a customer profile comes up, staff in different departments will get an overview of information relevant to the person they are assisting. Customer profile, recent sales, tickets, queries, spending habits, quotes, & more can be organized for the department or employee type helping at that moment.

Every sales rep up to date.
Every support agent ready for a follow-up.
Every client receiving the help they need without reciting a story.
Improving turnaround, communication & your staff's potential to drive higher value.

aerodynamic sales funnel

Automate the ordinary, enabling you to put your team on the tasks that drive revenue & retention throughout the whole sales & support cycle, not stuck on repeat.

Scheduling appointments, follow ups & reminders, status checks, sending common emails, or processing quotes; CRM software can support your staff by freeing time & clipping the monotony. Automated information is key to keeping your clients informed, reminded of action items, & active in the processes of business keeping orders fluid and retention high as clients get the attention they deserve.

boost sales

foster loyalty

elate customers

get engaged

& build some long term commitments

dedicated to communication

Keep the negatives at bay. When a customer has a problem, tools can be leveraged for quick resolution & improved customer satisfaction.
Your employees will have everything relevant on hand, from customer purchase history, known product issues, past resolution efforts & client preferences, among the basics. Set tickets in motion to alert other departments, create workflows of first available resources within staff groups, or simply allow more staff to diagnose & resolve issues by themselves with less training or experience by helping identify problems for them with troubleshooting pathways.

a little more automation

Your people are in the flow, making sales, solving problems, quick they just need to... spend too much time filling in forms. Where's the momentum?

Have CRM policies & automation do the leg work, processing forms, looking out for potential legal headaches, & keeping the necessary [but oh so boring] daily burdens off the shoulders of your staff.

magnify your teams

Consolidate the common; bring email, tickets, product knowledge, internal & client calendars, or even phone tools into a single panel.

One tool at the forefront of your day, tailored to keep efficiency high & your departments looking at what they need to see, when they need to see it. Your entire organization can view their portion of the pipeline as best suits their role, without overloading or limiting them, to close sales, expand product knowledge, & delight clients. Expand inter-team potential with tagging, getting the right info to other departments as needed with minimal effort.

don't forget the command centre

Thanks to the nature of CRM consolidation, all data resides in one place, with a common language bolstered by existing connections across departments, product lines, client's info, & of course the vast content created by your own people. Reports come to life with depth of insight normally reserved for Unified reporting projects, without the separate effort to get there.

Easily integrate with a wide range of plug-ins & tools, to quickly generate the frequent or infrequent views that foster smart decisions & informed choices by front line staff and management alike. Reach sales goals, see issues on the horizon, proactively tend to your customers, access untapped opportunities, & get an informed answer to what's really happening amid the barrage of daily happenings across your organization.

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