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talent infusion

aka professional services, aka staff augmentation

skills on tap

source hard-to-find staff for your projects

In competitive industries finding uniquely skilled talent is becoming more difficult. When you need that talent for the term of a project or to support your technology transitions, the task becomes even harder.

We take away the commitment, while pooling from not only our own ranks, but the 90,000 strong Kyndryl workforce, as well many of our industry leading partners, to find the know-how you need.

brilliant people

Amplify your teams with temporary talent, augmenting your workforce for project & contract oriented periods. We have access to incredible minds with unique talents, such as

  • project managers
  • financial savants
  • hard to find coders
  • really, really hard to find coders

fully vetted

We primarily take top minds directly from our own teams, & the teams of our nearest & dearest partners. This means legitimate confirmation of skills & abilities, assuring the people you get are bonified rock-stars of their craft. In the unlikely event that person needs to go (ie family emergencies) we take care of that too, replenishing resources from within, prioritizing your tasks.

aligned to your needs

core talent groups

project experts

Those who manage, align project scopes, keep the wheels turning, & enable others. These make up business, operational, & financial skillsets.

technical minds

Top minds of industry expertise & knowledge, there to help you realize your goals through deep understanding of platform & technical knowledge.


Sometimes what you really need, is someone NOW, maybe not tomorrow, but at the moment it's just critical you fill a gap & get some help. We keep active employees available for your short-notice needs.

experience first

We have been placing professionals for over 30 years, filling gaps & enhancing client projects, maintaining their timelines, & boosting their capacity to great acclaim. We gather resumes, even those of our own people, conduct in-depth interviews, & manage relationships with our partners who bring tens of thousands more experts to the table.

Our professional services are cost effective, expedient, capable of bringing in extremely niche talents, & above all when they're tasked to work with you, they work for you.

the right minds for your next big thing

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