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SD network

the next wave of connections are software defined

no limits

a flexible flow

Your network brings life to every tool you use, enables your staff, end users, & every integration you've worked so hard to build into your stack. The days of constantly configuring equipment to exact tasks are over. When software defined networking agility meets efficiency, the links between countless devices flow automatically, supercharging change on demand.

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software defined
an overview

a constantly changing map of pathways

At the heart of it, SD network is simply replacing defined steps with a flexible logic, allowing data to take the best path in the moment. Like plants twisting toward the sun, workloads adapt to take the shortest route, keeping all your equipment working towards a singular goal; giving speed to balance.
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we burned the training wheels

Traditionally, your equipment has levels, hubs, and headquarters.

For example. All your data for one app may need to pass from a user, to a local switch, routed all the way to HQ, and only then move out to the cloud. Then a response will have to make the whole trip back, in order.

This means rigid programmed directions for many levels of hardware & applications, leaving portions of your network bottlenecked, while others are underutilized. Classically, there was only one way for data to get from A to Z, but now, things have changed.

dynamic, natural movements

Enable your applications to move from start to finish without the middle layers of management.

SD skips the lengthy structure, directly linking your apps & users to clouds, hosted apps, & other physical locations in the fastest, most freely available channels. Enable your entire network to be part of an equalized flow, with your data plane bypassing long routes and congested channels on the fly.

How? The mysterious controller, watching over your network, decoupling control & the data plane to balance all your workloads among resources as demands surge & wane.

How does the controller work? Voodoo? Not quite, but close.

the path of least resistance

aka: the electric slide

amplify resilience

overcome outages

maximize your infrastructure

every road is a highway

made for the cloud

Top tools from Microsoft, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and more run among the clouds, so your network needs tight connections to every module online, without making mandatory stops at your HQ data centre.

We support native cloud connections with Azure, AWS, Google, IBM, to name a few of the greats, enabling multi-cloud integrations, improving efficiency, growth, agility, scalability, flexibility and security.

evolution through data

With one command centre to view all your data movements, insights take a leap forward. By connecting all your applications, network switches, & traffic gateways, SD reveals key information on resource utilization.

This can include bottlenecks today or down the road, network anomalies, threats, & longer term insights. Save money with the evidence at hand to manage future upgrades to your network where it's needed most.

the cookbook of connections

With SD, solutions & applications can be programmable, allowing automated workflows based on specific performance parameters.


you'll WAN to have it

the incredible solution

you set the priorities

Lend priority to your most critical processes. With SD you can set routing to prioritize vital elements of your business, adapting systems & equipment to give those essential packets the VIP treatment.

ready to integrate

It's not one-size-fits-all, but that doesn't mean things have to get complicated. Industry leaders are constantly expanding their catalogues of SD integrations, allowing swift, safe migration to your solutions needs.


SD data centre
aka: SDDC

Shift the heavy lifting, by pushing your infrastructure into virtualized service. Deploy, operate, provision, & configure via software that adapts to your needs in the moment.

To put it simply, SDDC is a facility to put all your infrastructure elements including networking, CPU, storage, & security, into a virtualized service, with software taking care of the details.

the endless transformation of data flow

Lay off the hardware, let advanced software navigate intricate tasks in real time, as thousands of data streams are routed to the most open or capable server, and hardware along the way.

Storage virtualization can pool physical storage from multiple locations into what appears to be a single storage device managed from a central console.

Meanwhile server virtualization masks the details, sparing users from managing complicated resource administration. The identity of individual physical servers, processors, OS, & locations is kept at a distance, while elaborate tasks just work.

scale up & down, move it all around

Provisioning is dynamic, as applications or infrastructure demand, allowing your entire network to work in harmony & meet the demands of the day.

Separate the control plane from the data plane, & manage your data centres as a unified system, or an aggregate set of domains, effectively creating your own private cloud for superior control of hosted data.

Deploy new applications faster, keeping your network capable of adapting to new workflows, or offering policy-based application self-service for your people.

wrangle costs

Now you have the agility, scalability, & elasticity of a cloud running in your own backyard, what's next?

With infrastructure & workload management controlled programmatically, overhead & costs can drop. Human intervention is lessened, & future expansions are supported, while you get key info on if you even need that new gear, or if you can better utilize what you already have.

Working with almost all industry standard hardware lowering the cost of entry, on-site services can be extended beyond the traditional physical server room into hybrid-cloud data centres, allowing you to expand your operations without bursting your local budget.

Open standards let new integrations come easily, reducing future migration budgets & timelines. Meanwhile routine tasks such as network provisioning, storage tiering, & security responses are automated, freeing staff utilization.

lock it up

We don't take defence lightly, because neither do you. Beyond our litany of certifications, specialists, & top industry security partners, we assure every program, platform, & implementation of our work meets the most stringent best practices.

  • Native encryption. Oh yes.
  • Micro-segmentation. Many need to Google it, but we live it.
  • Policies & governance. We have a whole department for that. They're hilarious.

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