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With high quality benefits standard for all ISM employees, we strive to keep our people healthy & stress free. Pension plans, dental, vision, & a wide range of services are available to our staff, because a work-life balance is key to progress.

This is your life, & we are honoured you'd spend some of it with us.


Many of our roles now embrace the hybrid environment, with many staff delivering top quality work at home from regions without ISM offices. Not all roles qualify, but most of our staff enjoy setting up a desk where suits them best, respecting your talents & output above your geography.


We offer hundreds of courses open to all staff, delivered by Microsoft, Kyndryl, or among our many partners that can help you level up. From development to finance, every role here is worthy of advancement.

Training is always free, we've even won awards for the hundreds of certifications we annually sponsor, in fields from project management, technologies, agile, & salsa dancing leadership.


We expect you to move up, so we'll help you get there. Our company is career focused, believing that every employee deserves to reach their career potential, through mentoring, involvement, or just gusto & hard work.

Frequent goal reviews & establishment of where you're blasting off to in the future are part of our process & culture. Ultimately, what you aspire to is up to you, however if you have the ambition, we intend to foster it.


This part is simple, the only thing we aren't ok with, is cruelty or exclusion. Our teams represent a wide range of peoples, backgrounds, & abilities with amazing life stories & contributions to our teams & our culture.

Be good to each other.

free coffee*

You heard us. Our physical offices feature state-of-the-art machines dispensing glorious unlimited coffee. The good kind. There's also tea if that's your thing.

Need we say more?
*at our Regina HQ only

industry competitive salaries

excellent benefit packages

ongoing skill investments

remote & hybrid options

national presence

growth opportunities

work with industry leading technologies

your chance is waiting

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Please note, as of August 15th, 2023, we have begun using a new application system. Any applications submitted before this date are saved, but can no longer be viewed here. If you have any bookmarks please update them accordingly.

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