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Identify growth opportunities, confront pain points, & focus on the outcomes you need most. We help your team navigate through the technology & processes towards the key milestones on your transformation journey.

4 to 6 weeks

technical cartography

Our top-tier experts work with your leadership & key stakeholders to create an action-oriented roadmap outlining where to focus, how to overcome hurdles, & recommendations for successful execution - all within 4 to 6 weeks.


interviews & workshops

We understand & document the perspectives from executive strategists to front line leaders.


prioritization grid

Every identified challenge & opportunity is plotted to understand what to tackle & when.


final roadmap

Recommendations recorded & tied to your strategic direction, we deliver a plan you can execute against.


executive presentation

Understand what we've learned in an interactive session. We keep you in the know personally because we're not just another document.

application modernization

Organizations can spend decades creating, refining, and updating business-critical applications. We collaboratively work with your teams to successfully modernize legacy applications through deliberate planning, organizational alignment, and a clear vision of the desired future state.

You choose the applications to assess, we provide the context for forward-looking decision making through tailored recommendations to modernize & future proof your applications.
We get inside the application and the business drivers, outlining options to simplify and select the right approach: containerize, refactor, expose APIs, & / or replatform.
Your custom roadmap will demonstrate a cost/benefit analysis of whether or not to modernize the selected applications. Through change management & process improvement you gain a clear view of the path forward.

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analytics & data

Moving from core data foundations towards analytics leading to process reform, we see the complete journey and the steps to get there.

Our specialists interpret nuances in foundational data management including data transfer, ETL, & data warehousing, while optimizing oversight through improved dashboards & licensing.
Leverage advanced analytics to extract new value from existing operational data, and merge in unstructured data such as images, scanned docs, or client comments, for expanded insight.
With fresh eyes & by gaining a deeper understanding of your business, process improvements can be successfully identified & implemented. We address business barriers, help democratize your data, & deliver a prioritization grid and roadmap for your journey ahead.

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Your IT components are a complex combination of solutions ranging from off-the-shelf to custom built. Over time your environment has evolved; is it optimized for future growth?

This assessment aligns your IT architectural components with your goals & vision, resulting in cost savings, operational efficiency, & future growth.
We provide a high-level mapping of the components in your environment with their functions, & create a consolidated, contextual view of your applications & infrastructure.
With proven standards & principals guiding investment & approach, we develop a strategy to optimize IT architecture within specific units of your organization. Your personalized roadmap includes an effectiveness assessment for your current approach, process improvement strategies, & recommendations to guide your future.
Save time, improve costs & employee utilization, while increasing productivity & performance.

cloud migration

The journey to the cloud leads to powerful outcomes, but it requires careful planning & execution. We develop a high-level strategy that identifies the requirements, opportunities & challenges, & a custom assessment of your options in private, public, hybrid, & multi cloud.

We consider options among IaaS vs PaaS or SaaS to develop a roadmap & prioritization grid for your organization.

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