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beyond chat

connectivity has never been so well, you know connected

Your apps in a blender. Chat, video, calls, screen sharing, and files are just the basics. Collaborate through Word, Powerpoint, the entire 365 suite, or access countless integrations through Microsoft; to work together seamlessly. Need to complete the picture? Integrate your own apps, or tailor staff experiences, to harness the best of todays increasingly mobile, global, & social employees.

see, speak, scribe

At the core Teams is a simple way to access your organizations network of users; to chat, confer, & share files. Then things get really interesting.

immersive conversations

Create groups for your teams, share company wide announcements, or add people easily into your individual chats by name or through a company directory, ensuring everyone has a voice & the tools to be heard.

meetings & webinars

Instantly activate video calling and meetings within Teams, or stick to the classics with voice only phone calls, no external programs required. With easy to access libraries of past shared files, pin-ready groups & favourite contacts, your users can collaborate more effectively.
Transform your presenting experience with PowerPoint Live; to engage your audience without ever leaving Teams, while allowing reactions, notes, easy presenter transitions, audience interactions, & group video effects to help attendees feel together in remote & hybrid work environments.

oh look, a phone

Reject the handset, move your voice communications to teams. Search & contact members individually, or merge others during a call seamlessly with unparalleled quality & ease of use with common peripherals.
Relinquish the desk. Pass calls between devices, from your laptop to your phone or tablet without interruption in service, & back again as you need. Missed a bit of that group chat? Transcriptions are an option too.

get the most out of your collaboration, all in one place

365, for your 24/7

Free up time by keeping your most common tools close. Office favourites such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Sharepoint, & even OneDrive are deeply integrated with Teams, allowing click-to-work functionality & streamlined sharing.

As your teammates chat, ongoing documents can be shared directly for editing without downloading individual files, & changes can be bounced back to entire project groups with ease.

One ring... or app, to rule them all.


of employees already use social tools at work


average devices per user


average time users spend working collaboratively

your Team is a hub

Your shared space to stay in the know, ditch email chains, forget the company intranet & never search for a link to a company shared folder again.

Your one stop shop without the cart. Teams intakes project groups, corporate announcement channels & subchannels, DIY wikis & those critical HR document repositories, among a range of built-in or optional apps to drive simplicity & productivity.

Ease onboarding & drive employee satisfaction, as your people are better connected to the organization as a whole, bringing familiar social experiences to the work environment.

modern workplace

the complete solution

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proven savings

when the penny drops hard

spend less on stuff

Trim costs for hardware, licensing & maintenance, telephony charges (mobile and long distance), & IT support effort with a unified communication and collaboration solution.

meet faster, say more

Reduce the total number of meetings & their durations. Online meetings through Teams boost reliability & remedy common call or video connection & quality issues. Along with easier interaction bringing quick document & screen sharing into your gatherings, the easy to use interface should sway even the most typewriter smitten staff to join the fold.

a workforce multitool

Switching apps, working between windows, not seeing that new content behind whatever else you have open, staff average an hour a week simply flipping between programs. By keeping core communication & collaboration services in one window you cut down the shuffle, improve focus, and get those lost hours back.

centralized resourced = speed

Those who keep common items in the cloud save time, resources, and on-prem costs, & Teams is the perfect way to easily access it all. When resources are pooled in the cloud, downtime & complexity is reduced, even impacting the ease of security & compliance.

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