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Empowering every user from back office to frontline, with the universal tools of business & industry, unified under some of the most advanced cloud technologies on the planet today.

beyond icons

expand your Outlook,
engage your Teams,
Excel your business

Shift into sharing & productivity at a whole new level. With organization wide control of licensing, instant app installations, company-wide secure file management, the Word is wow.

so where can my apps of today, take me tomorrow?

Individually, household names such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, & Outlook, are pillars of modern productivity. They set the standards by which all challengers must be judged, and few dare try. With a wealth of proven features & endless range of available education for each, they are irreplaceable in most industries.

However, the greater future of the Microsoft suite comes from bringing them together, giving your employees powerful tools to work better where & how they need to.

When installation becomes a click, when live collaboration is standard, when universal management of all your users & their access is built-in, that is 365.

your file is here, there, everywhere

Messy version control & back and forth file management has been a headache since the days of dial-up. With 365, the benefits of cloud are an instant fix.

Need to share a file with Janet to add some numbers? Don't send it, share it. You can both access the same content at the same time, working together, while your changes appear on other users' screens instantaneously. Every keystroke & small change is saved accordingly, protecting your users from crashes & accidental closures. We've all experienced the painful loss of a file that didn't save before disaster, or overwriting the wrong doc. Protect your people from that misery, with 365 sharing.

simplify IT, for the users

One app to rule them all. Yes, it's real.

A singular company portal handles the installations, the updates, the license management, keeping your end users away from needing any technical know-how. Users' app access can be assigned as groups or individually, restricting certain apps to users who need it, reducing procurement oversight while ensuring users are able to get the tools they need hassle-free.

Install? Just click, we take care of the rest. No more setting permissions or destinations, your people have better things to do. 365 is tailored to your organization & hardware to handle the details, allowing the breadth of available tools onto desktops easily.

defence is standard

Your company data is often your greatest asset, and the most demanding industries, from healthcare to law enforcement, trust Azure.

Enable your users to share files with or without editing capability, or lock permissions to specific teams or groups. Industries with heightened security needs can even lock the flow of encrypted data to never pass international borders, keeping every secure byte on Canadian soil (or below it).

Protect from the worst, with remote instant lockdowns for data. Potential threats or questionable file movements can trigger partial or full restrictions at a wide or granular level. Meticulous records of all sharing, transfers, views, & edits are kept for all files, even the ones users delete, allowing you a complete circle of tracking & auditing with the most crucial data; yours.

custom apps

Help your people make smarter decisions & work faster with automation & custom apps. Our Development teams can integrate existing tools including on-prem, or help you launch new ones, to amplify your 365 experience. Your existing tools can also flourish with new life, capacity, & speed, as Modernization can take legacy applications & simply shift them to the cloud, or upgrade them along the way.

Our Azure driven solutions are out-of-the-box ready today for integration with thousands of software tools & extensions, leading swift adoption of top tools of today.

it's what's inside that counts

there's a lot inside


bringing people together,
to work better

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The original, the legend, arguably the most ubiquitous icon of desktops the last quarter century, for good reason, word makes up 258 million monthly active users. Taught from a young age universally & learned by every generation of computer user since the fall of the Berlin wall (yes, seriously). 365 amplifies Word by allowing entire teams to collaborate, improve, & bring their unique skills to even the heftiest documents, together.


No need to pivot when you have the best in class. More than meets the eye, this deeply powerful tool, hidden in an innocent looking app of tables, stands at the forefront of the worlds business processes. We don't need to explain Excel, you already know what it is, everybody does, it's that good.

The beauty of working in concert with your colleagues is the skills you can all bring to the table. There are users, & there are power users, able to twist a range data into deep insights & complex formulas. With sharing, everyone from finance to front line gets to bring their skills together. Changes are seen by the group as they happen, & saved without version complications, enabling larger teams to work faster.


Outlook of today fluidly combines your mail, contacts, calendar, tasks, & meetings into one hub. The classic inbox got a makeover, and a jet engine.

Check co-worker schedules for availability & set Teams events directly in the app, with calendars blocked accordingly & tracking of invited users, without a separate calendar app. With decades of development Outlook has earned its place as the industry leader of mail solutions.

Seamlessly access Outlook from browser, desktop, or mobile, with stable, highly refined apps available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, & apparently Blackberry if that's still your thing.


Imagine the breadth of your entire organizations data, accessible, backed up, & constantly staying synchronized with all your hardware in the office & field.

Teams, departments, & project groups can all arrange their files & delegate access (within organization defined security rules) as they need, eliminating the age of the attachment, or the age of the "uh, Janet which version are you on?".

Pay as you need, with costs scaling with your usage, & access oversights of your entire organizations data, spotting the heavy users & early insight to distribution of content that could pose security risks.


Breathe life into projects, emboldening action through collaboration & well organized content access for your teams. SharePoint is an intranet with a jetpack, powering organizational efficiency through easy to launch custom sites where your people can work together, share information, or even invite clients into the mix for easy display of progress, materials, & room for those clients to get involved with feedback.

don't divide & conquer

merge & surge

work easier

accomplish more

24/7, 365

oh, I get it now

your Team is a hub

Your shared space to stay in the know, ditch email chains, forget the company intranet & never search for a link to a company shared folder again.

Your one stop shop without the cart. Teams intakes project groups, corporate announcement channels & subchannels, DIY wikis & those critical HR document repositories, among a range of built-in or optional apps to drive simplicity & productivity.

Ease onboarding & drive employee satisfaction, as your people are better connected to the organization as a whole, bringing familiar social experiences to the work environment.

security would be our middle name, if we had one

threat protection

Detect & investigate advanced threats, compromised identities, & malicious actions across your on-premises & cloud environments. Protect your organization with adaptive, built-in intelligence.

information barriers

Protect your sensitive data everywhere, even in motion or when shared. Gain visibility & control over all files among your organization with a comprehensive & integrated information protection solution.

secure management

Gain newfound visibility over your applications, files, & services. Build insights with sophisticated analytics, & control the flow of your data, taking a lead over any potential future threats.

compliance reliance

Assess compliance risks, evaluate & implement policy & governance actions to keep your business & your commitments in line with contracts, regulatory requirements, or your own internal guidelines.

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consolidate, save, & ramp efficiency

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