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ISM joins the Kyndryl family

ISM is pleased to announce that we are now a part of the Kyndryl family. In October 2020 IBM announced the spinoff of its Managed Infrastructure Services line of business into a new company. The newly launched company, Kyndryl, is already recognized as a market leader providing managed services to customers around the world. 

Kyndryl will drive progress by employing the best in the world with deep expertise in designing, running and managing the most modern and reliable technology infrastructure. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Kyndryl Canada, ISM will remain a separate legal entity. Our portfolio of services and solutions complements the Kyndryl portfolio, and we are confident that this new partnership will provide new opportunities for our customers, employees, and business partners.

“The ISM team is excited about being a part of Kyndryl. Within the new Kyndryl family we will continue to deliver integrated IT solutions with the same commitment and dedication as we do today. With ISM’s abundance of talented people, our passion for service excellence is unwavering”,

Hasnain Versi, President and CEO of ISM