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Sasktel Desktop Services Partnership

ISM Canada has partnered with SaskTel to provide a low touch, automated Desktop Services solution, which includes Deskside, Desktop Engineering, Mobile Device Management, and Digital Workspace Services which will empower desktop and mobile device users. This partnership is designed to deliver the best customer experience through innovation, automation, streamlined processes, and scalability.

Why SaskTel chose ISM Canada as their preferred partner: 

  • Expertise in the complete solution
  • Scalable and repeatable processes for efficient and effective service
  • Dedicated team to ensure quality control and ongoing support
  • Robust governance and management processes
  • Anchored and committed presence in Saskatchewan communities including Regina and Saskatoon 

We are delighted to grow our relationship with SaskTel to better serve and enable users across the province. This partnership will provide users with a modern, efficient, and effective way to access services and applications. A few highlights of the services include highly automated backend processes creating a low-touch service, a walk up TechBar support where the end users go to the technicians in Regina and Saskatoon, reducing the number of physical devices by utilizing Windows Virtual Desktops, application packaging, standard desktop operating system configurations and enabling additional functionality in the ITSM ticketing system.  

“I am excited to embark on this new journey and extension to our relationship with SaskTel. I truly believe that our organizations will come together to help SaskTel achieve their vision ‘To be the best at connecting people to their world.’ This journey will have a lasting impact on SaskTel, its employees and customers, and the Saskatchewan community.” Hasnain Versi.